Upgrade from Bundle Shipping to Partial Shipping


If you choose this option, your Sky Zephyrs Hardcover will be delivered separately to The Wandering Tavern. Sky Zephyrs books are ready for delivery. Your Wandering Tavern Hardcover will later be delivered once that has finished printing too. (Estimated Mid-Late August 2024)

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When you purchased The Wandering Tavern and Sky Zephyrs hardcovers, you paid for Bundled Shipping.

Bundled Shipping means that both these items will be delivered at the same time. So you will be waiting until The Wandering Tavern hardcovers have been printed for your books to be dispatched to you.
Sky Zephyrs Hardcovers have already been printed, however The Wandering Tavern hardcovers will not be finished printing for another 8-10 weeks after we send the PDF to our book printers.

If you would prefer to have your Sky Zephyrs Hardcover dispatched and delivered sooner, we can have it shipped by itself and delivered early. We call this option Partial Shipping.

If you choose the Partial Shipping option, you will be charged once again for shipping.
The shipping charge will vary based on your location.

See our Shipping Zone Information Page if you’d like to know more.


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