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Mix and Match hundreds of Parts and Stations to Build your Dream Airship for D&D5e! More details below…


The HaTDBuilder is a modular vehicle stat block generator for D&D5e. In HaTDBuilder V1.0, backers and subscribers can mix, match and fully customise over 200 Zephyr Parts and Stations to create their dream Airship.

It’s as easy as choosing the Zephyr’s Size and Name, and then using drop down menus to select the Stations and Parts you wish to make up your airship’s Foundation, Propulsion, Confrontation and Recreation sections. From there you can export both the fully fleshed out airship stat block and an in-game construction cost bill. It is that SIMPLE!!!

We intend to expand, refine and grow this website app to allow players and GMs to build other types of vehicles like, SubmarinesMadMax-styled land vehicles, and even Sci-Fi Vehicles like Spaceships and Mechs.
Our first monthly content update (April 15th 2024) contains more than 50 extra Parts and Stations to be added to the builder.

We also hope to create a community marketplace to allow amazing third party content creators to create and sell their very own Parts, Stations and even full vehicles to the community. We want to create a space that not only provides awesome vehicles for your games, but a space that supports the community.
With your support, we hope to become the hub for all vehicle creation within D&D5e.

Here’s a trailer we made during our pre-alpha stage. Back then, the vehicle builder was part of our Sky Zephyrs Kickstarter project:

If you choose the 1 month subscription, your subscription will auto-renew monthly at £2.99 per month.


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