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Thank you for pre-ordering the Sky Zephyrs Hardcover Book. To claim your hardcover pre-order, simply click “claim your items” and use your coupon code at checkout. By using this coupon, you will not be charged for your Hardcover Book. You will only need to pay for Shipping.


Our book printer has finished printing your physical copies of Sky Zephyrs. The books are ready to be delivered from their warehouse.

We have recently integrated our online store with their order delivery system. To claim your hardcover pre-order, simply click “claim your items”, apply your coupon at checkout. That way, you will only charged for the shipping but not for the hardcover.

Your hardcover will be dispatched in under 24 hours.

When placing your order. Please double check that you have entered the correct delivery information. If you make a mistake and the order is placed with the incorrect delivery information, please let us know and we will contact the warehouse as soon as possible.
However there is a high chance that it may already have been dispatched.

If your book has already been dispatched, we will attempt to inform the carrier that the delivery information is incorrect.
If we manage to inform the carrier of the mistake before delivery is complete, they may be able to return the book to the warehouse.
If your book is returned to the warehouse successfully, we will fully refund you the cost of the book but you will still be charged the shipping cost.
You may choose to order again anytime during this process.

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 0.75 × 11.25 in


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