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This product includes:

  • Sky Zephyrs PDF Version 2
  • Tokens and battle maps for three Flagship Zephyrs (Golden Bullet, Gladius, and Thunderbolt)
  • Sky-based battle map
  • Updated GM Combat and Movement Trackers
  • Stretch Goal Bonus: The Wandering Tavern STLs


  • Extra Zephyr Multi-Deck Battle Maps and Tokens (Tri-Ship, Ram’s Head Chariot, and Torturous Love)
  • NPC and Creature Tokens
  • Space and Sea-based battle maps
  • Additional Updated GM and Player Trackers/Cheat Sheets


  • 8 NPC Miniature STLs: Pirate Crew and Vigilante Crew

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Next Kickstarter – April 2024:

We’re already working on our next Kickstarter. Remember our 3rd Stretch Goal was to create an STL of your favorite Flagship Zephyr? Well, you all voted and the fantastical Wandering Tavern won by a landslide. We’re creating an entire setting for this incredible island-sized airship We’ll include an insane battle map that consists of 14 cross-sectioned layers (!) of the Wandering Tavern.

Not only will you be able to explore, interact, and tell amazing stories with your friends as you get immersed in this unique and fantastical location, you can also use Sky Zephyrs as your core airship movement and combat mechanics to support the setting. Woop!

Here’s what The Wandering Tavern will include:

  • Setting Overview and Lore
  • Descriptions of key locations
  • Plot hooks
  • Fully stat-blocked NPCs with original artwork
  • New Items and Spells
  • New Player Feats
  • 10+ D&D Table Recipes from pubs and eateries that exist on the Wandering Tavern.
  • Wandering Tavern themed D&D soundtrack
  • Collaborations with some of your favorite D&D 3rd party publishers
  • New Parts and Stations Expansion Packs for the HaTDBuilder

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If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact us at Team@HaTDBuilder.com