The Wandering Tavern Bundle (Hardcover + PDF)


This purchase includes the following physical product: The Wandering Tavern Hardcover Book.  This purchase also contains the following digital products: The Wandering Tavern full 180+ page PDF, The Sky Zephyrs Quickstart Guide, 15 Giant Battlemaps, Tokens for all of the Zephyrs & NPCs, and Insignias for the various Workforces aboard The Wandering Tavern!


We expect the digital products to be ready in June 2024 and the hardcover to be ready in August 2024.

The Wandering Tavern is a 180+ page travellers’ guide to an expansive Studio Ghibli inspired floating TTRPG settingExplore this immense soaring city with 15 battle maps that detail its every nook and cranny. Delve deep into the devious underbelly of the Tavern while getting to know its wide range of unique NPC patrons and staffThe Wandering Tavern’s dark mysteries and entangled truths are yours to unlock. While traversing this vast metropolis use remarkable magical items to protect yourself from the twisted Spirits stalking the halls. However, if you have to escape, you can glide through uncharted skies on never-before-seen Zephyrsconstructed from a plethora of brand-new Parts and Stations.

This is a system agnostic floating TTRPG setting with optional D&D 5e stats included. It’s packed full of plot hooks, mysteries, threatsand everything you need for a campaignHowever, if you already have an established world/settingThe Wandering Tavern is the perfect pit stop for your Players to visit, take a load off, and delve into a whole new sort of adventure.  

This content is 100% Human created with absolutely NO A.I. involvement.

24 sample pages of The Wandering Tavern draft (unedited)


Expansive Battle Maps filled with Key Locations

We have deconstructed this humongous drifting city into 15 giant battle mapsThese stunning maps detail The Wandering Tavern in its entiretyThey not only act as a perfect visualization tool for your table but your Players can enter combat on any floor, hallwayor secret room they wish.

Each Key Location on these maps is fleshed out with in-depth descriptions, deep loreand a purposeMany of the locations have Plot Hooks that a GM can use as inspiration for incredible side-quests or as fuel for dark mysteries to solve and unravel. Every time a Player enters a Key Location there are always a host of possibilities for fun, roleplayand plot progressionThere is so much to discover! Just ensure you don’t lose your way, because the Spirits will come for you…

New NPCs

The Wandering Tavern is home to a myriad of extraordinary charactersThere is never a dull day with strange and curious folk gambling, partying, trading, and roaming. From imperfect secret love stories to quiet rivalriesthe patrons and staff are in some way all interconnectedEach character comes with a full description, backstory, personalityand room for growth/development

For those characters/creatures you may skirmish against in a dark alleyway, or those who may be persuaded to join your cause on the battlefield, there are full D&D 5e stat blocks.

Plot Hooks

Littered throughout the streets, and held on the lips of the patrons and staff, are a host of interwoven intriguing plot hooksSome of these hooks lead to dark forgotten secrets, youthful rebellionsand black market empireswhile others focus on petty personal rivalries, forbidden loveand twisted historiesYou will never run out of curious tales to tell, deep conversations to have, and wondrous mysteries to unlock.

Plug and Play Zephyrs

This gargantuan setting comes with 5 never-before-seen Zephyrs (Airships)These include tiny Mafia owned fighters, massive cargo vesselsand home-style Zephyrs used by nomads to cross the turbulent skies. Unlock even more storytelling possibilities by using these Zephyrs for sky battles around The Wandering Tavern, epic chases to escape the ruthless Claw Militia, and protection from deadly creature attacks.

These Zephyrs have full D&D 5e stat blocks and function using the HaTD Sky Zephyrs vehicle movement and combat systemTo ensure you can get started on your very own wondrous sky adventures using our Zephyrs, we have included our Sky Zephyr Quickstart Guide

We have also deconstructed these 5 Zephyrs which consist of 50 brand new Parts and Stations that you can use to custom build your dream ZephyrsThere are wild new abilities and actions to spice up Zephyr combat and take your flights to new heights. These Parts will also be made available in the HaTDBuilder for those who back The Wandering Tavern.

Spirits and Their Mechanics

When the sun sets on The Wandering Tavern and the street lanterns ignite, Spirits pour out of the shadows. These Spirits fill halls and the streetsSome search for friendship and pleasant conversationswhile others just want to inflict grievous damage upon anyone without a Spirit WardWithin this travellers’ guide you will find information and mechanics on the various types of Spirits you may encounter, how they came into existence, methods to protect yourself, and some example Spirits to help get GMs started. So keep your Spirit Wards close, and whatever you do, don’t die anywhere near the Stone Of Remembrancefor if you do, you will suffer the same fate as these unfortunate Spirits.

Additional Content Included

Magical Items: We have provided a plethora of Magical Items to populate adventures on The Wandering Tavern. There is everything one could need, from mechanical backpacks with wings that allow you to soar effortlessly from place to place, to magic masks that help you to commune with the Tavern’s Spirits. Many of these Magical Items tie into the various Plot Hooks, Key Locations, and NPCs. Players can organically find the items or they can hunt them down in the name of a quest
All the items come with descriptions and D&D 5e Stats

Downtime Games: The Godspeed Gaming Hall gives players a chance to take a load off and try their hand/paw/claw at gambling on a few of the most popular games. If you’re an archery fanatic, Lucky Shot may be the game for you, or for something that requires a bit more deception and deduction, give Fifties a go. Either way, these games are the perfect outlet for Players to pass their Downtime on The Wandering Tavern.

Recipes from a Top Rated Chef: There are numerous bars and restaurants serving food aboard The Wandering Tavern with scrumptious menus for patrons and tavern dwellers to enjoy … If they have the coin, that is. To help bring this world to lifewe have included a collection of delicious recipes that exist on The Wandering Tavern. All of these delectable dishes come from the mind of Tracy the HaTD mum who is a top rated professional chef
Tracy has cooked for the likes of Presidents, Film Stars, Religious Leadersand Influential Families all across the world.
These succulent recipes can all be eaten around the D&D tableThe dishes range from mouth-watering snacks to delightful feastsSo, tuck into and fill up on the amazing dishes straight from The Wandering Tavern.

Illicit Goods/Substances: No floating city would be complete without a dark and dangerous black market underbellyWithin The Wandering Tavern, there are marvellous Illicit Goods that may be found, traded between Tavern Dwellers, or quietly auctioned off to rich and powerful patrons. Additionally, we have included a number of mind-altering Illicit Substances (included are trigger and sensitivity warnings). Each one comes with mechanics to allow Players to experiment with as much or as little as they would like. (These do not need to be included and can be fully excluded if a table doesn’t want to or doesn’t feel comfortable using this content)

Workforce Insignias

We also have logos/insignias for the various workforces aboard The Wandering Tavern.

HOMIEandTheDUDE have been hard at work creating the HaTDBuildera modular vehicle stat block generatorThis builder allows users to create their dream Zephyrs (Airships) from a huge selection of Parts and Stations. It then provides a full Sky Zephyrs D&D 5e compatible stat block for your custom Zephyr.

Become a master vehicle builder as you can take control of how large your Zephyr is, what weapons/Confrontation Stations are at your disposal, and what sort of Utility Stations you want aboard. Make sure to choose carefully when selecting between Foundation and Propulsion Parts so that your Zephyr has the exact look, feel, and functions you desire.

Save your creations to your PC and export the full Zephyr stat block and an in-game construction bill!

The HaTDBuilder is still in its early stages with (NOW 250+) Parts and Stations to choose from. But fear not, for more Parts and Stations are being added all the time, giving you many more unique combinations to choose from. Currently, the website is focused on Airshipshowever, Submarines, Land Vehiclesand Spaceships are all on the horizon.

So, DON’T MISS OUT on this vehicle revolution for your D&D table!!

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